Blood and Fluid Warmer

TAHAT-Blood and Fluid Warmer

Blood and Fluid Warmer. Prevention and treatment of hypothermia.
Maintaining set temperature during 24 h

Perform infusion therapy at low flow ratePrevention and treatment of hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects. Uses during blood transfusion, infusion of blood and plasma, the injection of nutrient solutions via a nasal or enteral probes infusion therapy.

Using in the surgical wards and intensive care units.

Blood and fluid warmer is used in:

  • Infusion therapy for children and adults
  • Blood transfusion
  • Infusion of blood plasma
  • Infusion of nutrient solutions through a nasal or enteral probes


  • Efficient warming due to a special design and large contact surface of the heat exchanger
  • Maintaining set temperature during 24 h
  • Reliable line fixing in the heat exchanger
  • Using standard infusion systems of any manufacturers
  • Constant monitoring of all device functions
  • Quick and easy mounting to the infusion stand
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The Future of CO-Diffusion

Accuracy as standard:

The Ergoflow flow sensor used with the Diffustik full CO-Diffusion system, draws on an incredible variable orifice design, which prevents increase in flow resistance at increased flow rates, found with most flow sensors. It is designed and tested to meet all ATS ERS flow and volume waveforms and manufactured to ensure accuracy at better than ±3% .

Configurable Hardware:

The Diffustik has been designed as a totally modular system allowing a relatively low cost entry level, for simple CO-Diffusion with the option to add options such as Bronchial Provocation, Nitrogen Washout and Bodyplethysmography.

Total Compatibility :

The Diffustik comes as standard with full network compatibility allowing all data to be easily shared between multiple devices, or other Blue Cherry review stations and diagnostic systems. Furthermore with the new HL7 compatibility data can be sent directly to local hospital information systems.

Accurate all round testing:

 With the lowest ever effective dead space of less than 20ml in the flow sensor and the adjustable design of the new Electronic stand ensures that the Diffustik can be used to test children and adults alike. Together with the height adjustable arm the Diffustik is one of the most comfortable testing devices available today.

 Always up to date:

 Using an internet connection Blue Cherry software can automatically download updates, ensuring the system is always up to date.

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The Leader in Vein Illumination

AccuVein is the global leader in vein illumination with thousands of facilities  around the world using AccuVein’s award winning, portable vein illumination.

Vein Viewing System

 In addition to the AccuVein vein illumination device, the following components are included in the vein viewing system:

Battery (already installed)

Charging cradle, universal power supply, and multinational adapter

AV400 Features

Easy to use. No calibration or adjustment necessary, ready for immediate use. Device can be held at any direction, and works at four or more inches from the skin’s surface.

Small size. The AV400 fits in your hand and weighs less than 10 ounces.

Rechargeable battery. No need to remove the battery or plug it into an electrical outlet during use. Simply place the device in the cradle for charging between uses.

Movement tolerant. Because the AV400 shows the veins in real time,  when operated properly, the device can accommodate patient movement.

Viewing modes. In addition to the standard viewing option, the AV400 has an inverse mode which can enhance the visibility of small veins.

Accuracy. Permanently aligned; center line accurate to less than the width of a human hair.

Patient types. AccuVein’s vein illumination will work on a broad range of patients; including neonates, dark skinned, and obese patients.

Medical grade design. The AV400 is non-contact and its medical grade design with no vents or openings allows for the device to simply be wiped clean. The device can also be bagged for use in isolation or operating rooms.

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The ASELight 160 is setting a new standard in operating theatre lights. The compact design of the ASELight 160 is not only visually elegant, but also offers effortless handling and makes no compromises on hygiene. The surfaces of the lamp are gloss coated and absolutely homogeneous. The technical characteristics of the ASELight 160 also meet all the user’s needs. Light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted separately, and all at a Color Rendering Index of >97. Like the rest of the light, the optional built-in full HD camera can be controlled using an external control unit. The external control unit is available as desk housing incl. wall mount or as installation housing.

The ASELight 160 operating light. The new standard.


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