Dialyzer Reprocessing System         

Nephroclear Plus is fully automated dialyzer reprocessing system which operates over bluetooth technology. It is compact, easy to use and it has unique features. The reprocessing is so simple that dialyzer cleaning happens in just than 12 minutes with a simple touch. It cleans, rinse and fills disinfectant.

Now one can increase number of reuses of a dialyzer by cutting down the dialyzer cost per treatment. Our dual station supports simultaneous reprocessing. Nephroclear Plus subjects each dialyzer to a strengthen testing process to as certain its reusability.
Dialyzer is subjected to volume test to ensure adequacy of dialyzer by rejecting dialyzer with less than 80% bundle volume. Reverse UF technology ensures better cleaning and increases dialyzer durability.

Dialyzer Reprocessing System (DRS)

DRS, is a medical device that automates the dialyzer cleaning and reprocessing activities in dialysis centres and in hospitals by its reliable and effective performance.the used dialyzer for its re-use on the same patient.This dialyzer reprocessing device also fascilitates the realted dialyzer cleaning  an post  dialysis- dialysis handling ,dialyzer preperation and dialysis preservation for reuse.

Advantages of Nephroclear-Plus :

  • Technology for Quality
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • Simplicity in Operation
  • High Speed Reprocessing
  • Rich User Experience