Shaping New Perspectives on Pulmonary Function

  • Fast, Easy, Portable

                  The innovative tremoflo C-100 Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) offers fast, easy assessment of large and small airway function. Measurements are obtained during tidal breathing and without patient effort. The tremoflo is excellently suited for a wide range of patients, from preschoolers to the elderly.

The Importance  of Small Airways

 The tremoflo C-100 provides information  related to small airway function.

“The small airways are frequently involved early  in the course of [asthma and COPD] diseases,  with significant pathology demonstrable often before the onset of symptoms or changes in spirometry and imaging.” McNulty and Usmani, ECRJ 2014 1

“Peripheral airway impairment may be clinically relevant at all levels of asthma severity and control.”

Airwave Oscillometry   Fundamentals

tremoflo measurements are fast and easy. The patient just breathes quietly.

To assess respiratory function, the tremoflo adds a gentle oscillatory wave to the patient’s regular, quiet breathing. A short measurement duration of only 20 seconds allows three repetitions within a couple of minutes, even in patients who have  difficulty performing spirometry.

Oscillometry Outcomes

 Summary of clinician interpretations  per published studies

A pair of two curves calculated from the raw data reflects the mechanical properties of the respiratory system in characteristic patterns. Several key outcome parameters are then derived from these curves.

Characteristic Patterns

A pair of two curves calculated from the raw data display characteristic patterns

  R     The Resistance curve shown to reflect central and peripheral airways.

  X    The Reactance curve shown to reflect  elasticity and peripheral airways.