Geratherm Respiratory

Geratherm Respiratory are leading the way with the next generation in pulmonary diagnostics, the Blue Cherry™ software, functionality usually reserved for hospital laboratories and scientific research centres is being made available to the primary care sector

Body stik ™

    The comfortable Bodyplethysmograph

Innovative technique combined with best possible patient comfort providing reliable and reproducible PFT test results

  • Easy cabin entry
  • Optimal patient care
  • Quick quality control

Bodyplethysmography with ergonomics in every detail – a benefit for the patient and the user

  • Easy cabin entry

    The swivable patient chair and the extremely low door step allow even physically impaired patients easy cabin entry

  • Optimal patient care

Automated measurement procedures, software-based instructions and an intercom system provide  optimal patient management.

  • Quick quality control

Reproducability and patient cooperation can be quickly evaluated according to ATS/ ERS criteria and by overlaying curves

  • Modern construction

The sturdy aluminum construction and the five large tempered safety glass windows create a pleasant interior with maximum stability

  • Electrical height adjustable stand

By pressing a button, the measurement apparatus can electrically be adjusted to the optimal height of the patient, even when the door is closed.

  • Electromagnetic door lock

The door can always be opened from inside and outside the cabin by simply pressing a button. An LED indicates whether the door is completely closed


  • CO Diffusion
  • Neumofilt
  • 3l-Syringe

State-of-the-art software for pulmonary function diagnostic

Blue Cherry™ uses a powerful SQL database to store data. This allows Bodystik™ to either be optimally integrated in a complex network environment or to be used as a single-user solution bodyplethysmograph.

  • Easy installation
  • Clear and well layed out screen presentation
  • Easy and flexibly upgradable
  • GDT and HL7 interfaces
  • Networkable
  • Powerful SQL database for secure data management and statistical evaluations
  • WYSIWYG report generator