Blood and Fluid Warmer

Portable complex for warming fluids and solutions in infusion therapy


Prevention and treatment of hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects

Scope of application

  • aviation medicine
  • ambulances
  • medicine of accidents
  • surgery outside the hospital
  • home treatment
  • surgical wards
  • intensive care units
  • clinics and cardiac centers
  • medical research institutes and etc.

Fluid Warmer Allows

  • Maintaining set temperature in the range 34-42 °С during 24 h
  • Using two infusion lines of different diameter at the same time
  • Ensuring proper and effective infusion and transfusion therapy
  • Perform infusion therapy at low flow rate
  • Warming nutrient solutions through nasal and enteral tubes
  • Operating the device using self-contained power supply during 3 hours or the car’s lighter socket