Blood and Fluid Warmer

TAHAT-Blood and Fluid Warmer

Blood and Fluid Warmer. Prevention and treatment of hypothermia.
Maintaining set temperature during 24 h

Perform infusion therapy at low flow ratePrevention and treatment of hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects. Uses during blood transfusion, infusion of blood and plasma, the injection of nutrient solutions via a nasal or enteral probes infusion therapy.

Using in the surgical wards and intensive care units.

Blood and fluid warmer is used in:

  • Infusion therapy for children and adults
  • Blood transfusion
  • Infusion of blood plasma
  • Infusion of nutrient solutions through a nasal or enteral probes


  • Efficient warming due to a special design and large contact surface of the heat exchanger
  • Maintaining set temperature during 24 h
  • Reliable line fixing in the heat exchanger
  • Using standard infusion systems of any manufacturers
  • Constant monitoring of all device functions
  • Quick and easy mounting to the infusion stand