The Future of CO-Diffusion

Accuracy as standard:

The Ergoflow flow sensor used with the Diffustik full CO-Diffusion system, draws on an incredible variable orifice design, which prevents increase in flow resistance at increased flow rates, found with most flow sensors. It is designed and tested to meet all ATS ERS flow and volume waveforms and manufactured to ensure accuracy at better than ┬▒3% .

Configurable Hardware:

The Diffustik has been designed as a totally modular system allowing a relatively low cost entry level, for simple CO-Diffusion with the option to add options such as Bronchial Provocation, Nitrogen Washout and Bodyplethysmography.

Total Compatibility :

The Diffustik comes as standard with full network compatibility allowing all data to be easily shared between multiple devices, or other Blue Cherry review stations and diagnostic systems. Furthermore with the new HL7 compatibility data can be sent directly to local hospital information systems.

Accurate all round testing:

 With the lowest ever effective dead space of less than 20ml in the flow sensor and the adjustable design of the new Electronic stand ensures that the Diffustik can be used to test children and adults alike. Together with the height adjustable arm the Diffustik is one of the most comfortable testing devices available today.

 Always up to date:

 Using an internet connection Blue Cherry software can automatically download updates, ensuring the system is always up to date.