ASELight 160

The ASELight 160 is setting a new standard in operating theatre lights. The compact design of the ASELight 160 is not only visually elegant, but also offers effortless handling and makes no compromises on hygiene. The surfaces of the lamp are gloss coated and absolutely homogeneous. The technical characteristics of the ASELight 160 also meet all the user’s needs. Light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted separately, and all at a Color Rendering Index of >97. Like the rest of the light, the optional built-in full HD camera can be controlled using an external control unit. The external control unit is available as desk housing incl. wall mount or as installation housing.
The ASELight 160 operating light. The new standard.


» The curved airflow and temperature optimized shape of the aluminium diecast housing guarantee a free air flow.
» The electronic light field adjustment ensures that both of the light field sizes have 160kLux. This cannot be achieved with mechanical adjustment systems. The electronic light field adjustment eliminates the error susceptibility compared to mechanical light field adjustment systems.
» The light intensity can be dimmed on the panel or for easy handling the integrated contact-free sensor can be used.
» High color rendering index (CRI): 97 = indicator for high light quality
» A high ingress protection rating (IP54) ensures full function even under intensive cleaning processes.
» Low energy consumption: Max. 95 W (typ. < 90 W)
» Endolight mode, indirect green light for minimally invasive applications.
» The HD camera (from Sony) integrated optionally into the lamp or the external HD camera (from Sony) installed on a separate spring arm ensure smooth and high resolution recording of the corresponding application

Advantages of the new generation of light in the LED technology
» An optimized system concept ensures the best possible thermal management (LEDs, metal core printed circuit boards, aluminum housing – heat out of the box) and the choice of heat-dissipating materials (no plastic) guarantees the longevity of the LED and color authenticity over its entire lifetime.
» The high quality materials (no plastic housing) ensure proper function, easy handling and uncompromising hygiene over the entire lifetime.
» The various connection options (ceiling, wall, stand, and desktop versions) together with the add-on options (HD camera, external control unit, UPS, monitor) and the individual adaptation of these components enable us to offer fitting solutions for specific needs and most difficult framework conditions.
» Optical peak levels combined with the high quality of each individual component ensure maintenance-free use under demanding conditions.
» LED lifetime of over 70,000 hours.
» 5 Years warranty on the luminaire.
» Swiss made, before we ship our products we subject them to a rigorous quality control.