ASELights 70

The ASELight 70 operating and examination light is lighting technology at its very best. Impressive lighting levels and an ingenious design make it the perfect partner for surgical procedures and examinations with demanding lighting requirements. The gloss coated, completely homogeneous surfaces mean that this extremely compact lighting unit is not only visually eye-catching but also a hygiene-friendly functional tool that is easy to use.

Ceiling system with springarm

┬╗ General surgery
┬╗ Implantology
┬╗ Oral surgery
┬╗ General examinations and treatment in medical practices
┬╗ Dermatological examinations
┬╗ Wound care and surgical procedures

Advantages of the new examination light in LED technology
┬╗ Light intensity: 70,000 lux @ 80 cm distance
┬╗ Colour temperature: adjustable from the control panel in steps 4,000 K / 4,500 K / 5,000 K
┬╗ Colour rendering index (CRI): 94
┬╗ Light field diameter: 28 cm
┬╗ Dimmable via the control panel or using the integrated, contact-free sensor
┬╗ Detachable sterilizable handgrip
┬╗ No infrared radiation
┬╗ High reliability and no maintenance costs
┬╗ LED service life of over 70,000 hours
┬╗ Extremely low energy consumption (typ. < 30 W) and extremely low energy costs
(30 % in comparison to halogen)
┬╗ Environmentally friendly (recyclable, does not contain any heavy metals)
┬╗ High shock and vibration resistance
┬╗ No risk of implosion (compared to halogen)
┬╗ Safe because of the low voltage
┬╗ Simple and quick to clean and disinfect thanks to high-quality materials and a smooth, sealed surface
┬╗ 5 Years warranty on the light head