ASELight 35

The technically advanced thermal management system from the Asetronics means that the elegant ASELight 35 – like all the other lights in the ASELight series – comes without any disruptive or unhygienic ventilation slots! Despite its small size, the smallest member of the ASELight series provides impressive photometric peak values without compromising on handling or hygiene. The applications in which the ASELight 35 can be used are almost limitless, thanks to its performance, flexible handling and numerous installation variants.


» General medical examinations and treatment in medical practices
» Dermatological examinations
» Wound care and minor surgical procedure

Advantages of the new examination light in LED technology
» Light intensity: 35,000 lux @ 70cm distance
Colour temperature: 5,000 K (daylight quality)
» Light field diameter: 18cm
» Touchless On/Off function with a sensor for hygienic reasons.
» No infrared radiation, which dries out wounds and slows the healing process
» Least possible UV radiation » High reliability and no maintenance costs
» Unparalleled LED service life of over 70,000 hours
» Extremely low energy consumption (typ. <16 W) and extremely low energy costs
(30 % in comparison to halogen)
» Environmentally friendly (recyclable, does not contain any heavy metals)
» No risk of implosion (compared to halogen)
» Safe because of the low voltage
» High shock and vibration resistance
» Simple and quick to clean and disinfect thanks to high-quality materials and a smooth, sealed surface
» Up-to-date design and technology » 5 years warranty on the light head