Baby Warmer

Newborn warming system with water/gel mattress

Quick, effective, safe baby warmer.

Maintaining set temperature during 24 h ,Water mattress ,Gel pad.

Premature newborn hypothermia and warmth supply problem is nowadays a burning issue. Key role for successful nursing of premature newborns is played by thermal conditions, and cold stress prevention in this group of newborn and premature babies has vital signification for them.

Baby warmer consists of

Features of baby warmer ¬ęRAMONAK-01¬Ľ

  • Baby bed allows newborn to take¬†a physiologically comfortable position,¬†creates relaxing effect
  • Maintaining set temperature in the range¬†during 24 h
  • The system is equipped with all types of alarms that exclude any overheating of the mattress
  • Disposable and reusable covers for the baby’s bed (option)


    Newborn warming system consists of:

    1. Microprocessor control unit

    • LED display ¬†indicating current and set temperature
    • Set temperature is maintained during 24 h
    • User settings saving
    • Sound and light warning, self-testing¬†upon switching on and during operation
    • User warning system
    • IP 20 protection class

    RAMONAK-01                                                                           2. Heating module

    • Slim and flexible, resistant to tear and treatment with disinfectants
    • Temperature sensors inside the heating module
    • IP 45 Protection class

    3. Water mattress

    • Water capacity up to 5L
    • Temperature sensor inside¬†the water mattress
    • Made of medical transparent
    • PVC material resistant to UV

    RAMONAK-01                                                                          4. Gel pad

    • –°an be used instead of water mattress
    • Distributes heat evenly
    • Anti-decubitus effect
    • Made from UV-resistant materials

    RAMONAK-01                                                                          5. Baby bed

    • A water mattress and a heating module are placed¬†in a special pocket with a zipper
    • Made of special medical fabric
    • Prevents baby from sliding down the mattress
    • The set includes three baby beds
    • Disposable and reusable covers¬†for the baby’s bed (option)