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Quick, easy & non-invasive screening for CO poisoning

The ToxCO® is a carbon monoxide (CO) breath analyser to screen for CO poisoning. An ideal tool for emergency services and first responders, the ToxCO® is a quick, easy, reliable and completely non-invasive way to screen for CO poisoning.

Bedfont Scientific Ltd. - Our family, innovating health, for yours - Based in Maidstone

Why ToxCO®?

The ToxCO® is an easy to use, non-invasive breath and ambient air CO monitor, with three sampling modes, mouthpiece, face mask, and ambient monitoring to alert users of potentially fatal levels of CO in the air.


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Why is it important?

Clinical research has demonstrated that ‘the concentration of carbon monoxide in end-expired air after breath holding correlates closely with carboxyhaemoglobin concentration’1.

With the ToxCO®, the mouthpiece and face mask sampling modes allow the user to test a patient independent of their consciousness, whilst the ambient sampling mode will safeguard the user, alerting them if they are entering an area with high levels of CO.

The ToxCO® helps to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions through instant mass screening, saving valuable time.

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Benefits to the user

  • The monitor provides instant results shown in %COHb which makes interpreting patient’s results quick and easy.
  • The colour touchscreen is quick and easy use, with visual prompts for patients during each test to ensure correct results every time.
  • There is automatic calibration and D-piece™ renewal reminders to prolong the life of your monitor, ensure accurate readings and increase infection control.
  • The monitor has built in SteriTouch® technology for improved infection control.
  • D-pieces are used in conjunction with the monitor to filter out 99.9% of airborne bacteria and single-use Steribreath™ mouthpieces for excellent, low-cost infection control.2
  • The ToxCO® will automatically log every breath test but also ambient readings when an alarm threshold is triggered for up to 500 readings.
  • There is also the option to tag a result with a place, patient’s name or ID.
  • 2 years warranty (subject to service & maintenance plan).

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ToxCO® Consumables

Years of research and vigorous testing ensures our Bedfont® products and consumables are not only safe for consumer use, but compliant with Medical Device Regulations. Use of counterfeit or non-Bedfont® approved accessories and consumables may result in loss of performance and/or damage to your device. This risk of incorrect results could adversely affect patient care. We also remind you that counterfeit and/or non-Bedfont® accessories and consumables do not possess the quality and reliability of the original manufacturer products, nor have they undergone the Toxicology tests to ensure they are fit to be used orally, and therefore their safety and infection control efficacy cannot be guaranteed.

Image of the SteriBreath Mouthpiece

SteriBreath™ mouthpieces

SteriBreath™ mouthpieces for use with Bedfont® breath analysis monitors, combining ease of use with optimum infection control.

Image of the D-piece


The D-piece™ incorporates a one-way valve to prevent air being drawn back from the monitor. The mouthpiece itself has a specifically integrated infection control filter which removes and traps >99% of airborne bacteria and >96% of viruses and any moisture from the patient’s breath1. The D-piece™ should be changed every four weeks or more often if visibly soiled. An automatic reminder will appear on the screen every 28 days.

Image of the One Breath


The OneBreath™ mouthpiece is a single-use bacterial filter mouthpiece and can be attached directly to the monitor to take a breath sample. The OneBreath™ incorporates a one-way valve and an infection control filter, which are proven to remove and trap >99.9% of airborne bacteria1.

Image of the Facemask Sampling System

Face mask sampling system

This sampling system is single-patient use and allows the patient to breathe normally through a face mask in order to produce a breath sample. The face mask is available in three different sizes: infant, medium and adult.

Image of the Monitor Cleaning Wipes

Monitor Cleaning Wipes

Free from alcohol to ensure continued performance of your monitor. Pack of 50 wipes.