The Vista 120 Portfolio

As global patient populations continue to grow, hospitals and health care providers are experiencing the same challenges – increased demands on already overburdened caregivers to provide the best possible care under strict financial constraints.

The Vista 120 Portfolio was engineered to meet your clinical needs and stay within your budget, allowing you to deliver efficient and high-quality patient care.
The Vista 120, The Vista 120 S and the Vista 120 Central Monitoring System  РEssential Monitoring at an Exceptional Value.
The Vista 120 Portfolio Patient Monitors

Vista 120

Hospitals have a common challenge: provide the best care possible in an environment where patient populations are growing, financial constraints are increasing and caregivers are overburdened. Dräger offers a patient monitor to meet the clinical needs in these environments: the Vista 120.

The Vista 120 Portfolio Patient Monitors

Vista 120 S

Dräger understands the growing need for a patient monitor with built-in connectivity that provides essential monitoring at a good value. The Vista 120 S supports adult, pediatric and neonatal patients and can be used on its own or with a Dräger therapy device as a fully integrated workstation.

The Vista 120 Portfolio Patient Monitors

Vista 120 Central Monitoring System (CMS)

The easy-to-use Vista 120 Central Monitoring System (CMS) lets you centrally monitor the vital signs of up to 64 patients connected to Vista 120/Vista 120 S bedside monitors. This central surveillance streamlines workflow for clinicians, while significantly increasing patient safety.

The Vista 120 Portfolio Patient Monitors

Vista 120 SC 

‚ÄčReduce clinicians’ workload with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. The Vista 120 SC is designed for spot check and continuous vital signs monitoring to complete Dr√§ger’s hospital-wide solution offerings.

Vista 120 SC Patient Monitors

Supporting a more efficient workflow

‚ÄčThe Vista 120 SC offers plug and play measurement capabilities, so you can have more time to focus on your patients. Data entry, saving and upload functions are all done via LAN/wireless networks to help reduce human errors. All measurements and operations can be done via its 8.4″ touch screen or the hard buttons and rotary knob. It’s light, portable and ready to go with an integrated handle for easy transport.

Spot check and continuous monitoring modes in one device

‚ÄčThe Vista 120 SC offers both spot check and continuous monitoring modes. Depending on the clinical situation, you can switch between modes easily and quickly. If you need to measure basic vital signs for multiple patients in the Emergency Department, Step-down Unit, or General Ward or need a vital signs monitor to stay with one dedicated patient, the Vista 120 SC can do it.

Innovative Ward Round mode to reduce clinical complexity

‚ÄčThe innovative Ward Round mode on the Vista 120 SC goes one step further to eliminate repeated barcode admissions for each patient. With the Ward Round mode, you can import living patient lists from an EMR for your department with one step.

Embedded Early Warning Score for better patient deterioriation status monitoring

‚ÄčThe embedded Early Warning Score technology offers a direct and visual way to monitor the deterioration status of your patients.

Designed to meet your needs and budget

Vista 120 SC Patient Monitors

‚ÄčThe Vista 120 SC is available in three configurations designed to match your various clinical requirements. Configurations¬†B and C offer two different temperature technologies in one monitor. This flexibility saves hospitals budget and improves clinical workflow.

Part of a complete hospital-wide solution

‚ÄčWith the Vista 120 SC, Dr√§ger is able to provide complete offerings for¬†hospital-wide¬†anesthesia, ventilation and monitoring solutions. One-stop shopping at Dr√§ger creates exceptional value to save you money, time and effort.