Dräger Fabius® MRI

Increase the diagnostic capability of your MRI unit with the help of state-of-the-art ventilation in the Dräger Fabius® MRI anaesthesia system specially designed for use in MRI environments.


Dräger Fabius® MRI Anaesthesia Machines - MRI comaptible Anaesthesia machine with high precision ventilator to deliver accurate tidla volumes.


Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application                             : Easy-to-us anesthesia machine for the MRI suite
Patient categories                                         : Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling                                   : ✓
Ventilator technology                                  : Electronically-controlled E-Vent
APL-Technology /
Precise manual ventilaton                          : Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer                                 : Optional
Low- and minimal flow setting support  : Visual filling level of bag

Ventilation Modes

✓ Man/Spon
✓ Volume Controlled (VC)
✓ VC Synchronized + PS
✓ Pressure Controlled (PC)
✓ Pressure Support


Screen Display                                        : 6.5″ TFT black/amber or colour
Vaporizers capability                            : up to 2
Device self test                                       : Semi-automatic self test
Patient gas module                               : in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent (with Tesla M3)

Fully certified for MRI

Specifically designed for use in magnetic environments, the Dräger Fabius MRI is certified for field strengths of up to 40 mTesla or 400 Gauss. This provides reliable ventilation with 1.5 and even 3 Tesla MRI systems.

Electronic ventilator

The Dräger Fabius MRI incorporates a servo-controlled, piston ventilator that requires no drive gas. The piston is capable of delivering higher inspiratory flows than the traditional bellows ventilator, and provides a more accurate volume delivery.

Broad range of therapy modes

The Fabius MRI gives you access to a broad range of ventilation modes – including volume, pressure, pressure support and SIMV/PS – providing a maximum level of respiratory care regardless of the patient acuity level.

Compact design, intelligent ergonomics

The Fabius MRI has a compact breathing system, COSY 2.6 which can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the unit, depending on the room layout. Mounted on a short, 8” arm to provide positioning flexibility, it simplifies use in an often cramped MRI environment. The Fabius MRI also gives you the option of using the Dräger CLIC disposable soda lime absorber canister for an easy dust-free soda lime canister exchange.

High visibility alarms

The Fabius MRI is equipped with highly visible repeater LED optical alarms that alert caregivers in the central station to changing patient conditions.

Standard operating philosophy

Because it uses Dräger’s uniform user interface, Fabius MRI is quick and easy to learn. All relevant information is displayed on a single, high resolution LCD color screen (6.5 inch diagonal).