Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL

The new platform offers flexibility for most spatial conditions. The high precision piston ventilator supports lung protective ventilation measures and a comprehensive set of parameters assist decision-making support. The Atlan A350/XL can be networked to communicate bi-directionally and securely with other networked devices to share data and information that can help to increase efficiency and reduce errors in anaesthesia.

Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL Anaesthesia Machines

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application                                           :Integrated anesthesia workstation for all patients
Patient categories                                                      :Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology                                               : E-Vent – Uncompromised ventilation quality helps to reduce lung complications and the length of stay
APL-Technology / Precise manual ventilaton    : Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer                                              : Optional
Low- and minimal flow setting support               : Visual filling level of bag; Econometer; Low flow wizard
Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL Anaesthesia Machines - Anaesthesia machine offers an electornical fresh gas setting to ease fresh gas flow setting during low and minimal flow anesthesia.

Ventilation Modes

✓ Man/Spon

✓ Volume Controlled (VC)
✓ VC Synchronized + PS
✓ Pressure Controlled (PC)
✓ PC Synchronized + PS
✓ Pressure Support
✓ Volume Controlled AutoFlow


Screen Display                                       : 15.3″ touch-screen with storable view and profiles, smart alarm managment with extensive support system
Vaporizers capability                            : Smooth and rounded surfaces ease frequent cleaning/wipe disinfection
Device self test                                       : Automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop) : Yes
Smart Pilot View                                   : Yes
Patient gas module                               :in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent (option with xGM patient gas module)
Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL Anaesthesia Machines

Safety Concept

✓ Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
✓ Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure- typically 120 min
✓ Emergency start-up procedure
Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL Anaesthesia Machines