Dräger Fabius® Plus

Combine quality ventilation, easy operation and maintenance with open 
architecture expand ability. The Dräger Fabius® Plus combines quality ventilation 
with enhanced flexibility and integration capabilities. It was designed to accommodate 
a wide range of options and accessories, allowing you to customize your Dräger Fabius® Plus
 to suit your particular needs.
Dräger Fabius® Plus Anaesthesia Machines

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application                             :  Modular and simple-to-use anesthetic machine
Patient categories                                         : Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology                                  : Electronically-controlled E-Vent
APL-Technology /
Precise manual ventilaton                          : Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer                                 : Optional
Low- and minimal flow setting support  : Visual filling level of bag

Ventilation Modes

✓ Man/Spon
✓ Volume Controlled (VC)
✓ VC Synchronized + PS
✓ Pressure Controlled (PC)
✓ Pressure Support
Dräger Fabius® Plus | Draeger


Screen Display                                       : 6.5″ TFT black/amber or colour
Vaporizers capability                           :up to 2
Device self test                                      :Semi-automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop): With Dräger patient monitoring
Smart Pilot View                                   :Yes
Patient gas module                               :in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent (with Scio four/Vamos)

Safety Concept

✓ Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
✓ Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure- 120 min
✓ Emergency start-up procedure

Powerful, accurate ventilation without drive gas

Because the Fabius Plus features our electrically driven e-vent ventilator, it delivers ICU-like performance without the need for drive gas. This highly accurate piston ventilation means it is well suited to treat both adult and pediatric patients. The Fabius Plus gives you all the major ventilation modes and can be equipped with two vaporizers. Its external compact breathing system (COSY) – especially designed for low-flow anaesthesia – consists of very few parts and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning. By the way, the Fabius Plus is CLIC- Absorber compatible as well.