Vitalograph USA

Vitalograph is a world leading provider of outstanding quality cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trials and medical equipment servicing with over 50 years experience. Our extensive respiratory range includes asthma monitors, spirometers, peak flow meters, copd screeners, , and resuscitation devices. With a pioneering heritage of excellence spanning half a century vitalograph continues to make valuable contributions to effective medical care and enhanced quality of life.


1. Vitalograph Fleisch Flow Technology

The measuring technology used by Vitalograph in diagnostic spirometer devices is the Fleisch Pneumotachograph which makes an accurate ,robust,linear and reliable flow measurement the system flow impedance is low even at high flow rates and well below the requirements of the current spirometer standard ISO26782:2009.

The advantages of this technology makes these devices:

  • Easy to use with no cables or arms
  • Extremely robust
  • Has no moving parts
  • Accurate
  • Reliable with consistent results
  • Easily cleaned, disinfected and sterilized including autoclaving at 137°C
  • Provide low back pressure ,even with BVF
  • Can be easily calibrated if necessary
  • Can be easily and simply checked for accuracy
  • Uses linear flows meaning that accuracy applies to very low flows too
2 Pneumotrac with Spirotrac Software

Highly accurate PC based spirometry software
Combines the power of your windows® PC with vitalograph measuring technology for early detection of respiratory disease and integration with your organisation network

Advantages of this software

  • Accurate , robust and linear Fleisch pneumotachograph
  • Intuitive user interface with workflow Oriented presentation
  • Automatic FEV1 trend chart of actual and normal range data  as subject is selected
  • Open session, f/v & v/t curves, all test data, test quality in one view
  • Maximum voluntary ventilation(MVV)
  • Automatic storage of all test data and events, including calibration log
  • Build-in test quality checks
  • Choice of patient incentives
3 Vitalograph micro

Low cost spirometry made simple
Reliable, affordable spirometry testing is easier than ever with the new Vitalograph micro™ . This compact, lightweight, handheld spirometer is not only great value but it is packed with a host of features including full colour touch screen, icon driven menu and highly accurate and robust flow sensor technology.

Advantages of the micro

  • Supplied with Vitalograph Reports Software
  • Configurable PDF reports for archiving or printing
  • Full colour touch screen
  • Clear sounds for audio feedback
  • Real-time test quality prompts
  • Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves in real time
  • Expandable graph views for full visualisation
  • Display overlay of 3 best blows, best test and LLN
  • Simple icon driven menu for ease of use a Choice of over 40 parameters
  • Pre and post bronchodilator testing options
  • Predicted sets including ERS, NHANES & GLI
  • Removable flowhead for easy cleaning
4. Vitalograph In2itive

High quality spirometry

Vitalograph In2itive™ combines the benefits of full spirometry, data integration and mobility in a small lightweight handheld spirometer.

Advantages of In2itive

  • Features Fleisch flow measuring technology and simple icon driven menu
  • Storage for 10,000 subjects
  • Subject data from Spirotrac may be downloaded automatically saving time and eliminating data entry errors
  • Session can be automatically transferred to, and synchronised with, Spirotrac
  • Colour touch screen
  • Battery life for a full day of off-site testing
  • Over 50 test parameters
  • Choice of child incentives with sound effects
  • Remote flowhead option enables the subject to view incentives while performing the test
  • Print via your PC (Spirotrac or Vitalograph Reports) or print direct to USB printer (using optional print cradle)
5 Vitalograph ALPHA Touch

Precision spirometry with portability, printing and PC connectivity Simple touch screen spirometry with in-built printing and automatic PC connectivity.


  • Fleisch pneumotachograph, the best performing flow measuring technology in the world
  • Automatic two-way synchronisation of patient data and test sessions between ALPHA Touch and Spirotrac
  • Simple icon driven menu with large, high resolution colour touch-screen
  • Storage capacity for 10,000 subjects
  • Over 50 test parameters
  • % predicted or SDS scores comparison
  • F/V and V/T curves viewable in real time a Pre-post bronchodilator comparison
  • Single or multi-breath
  • Hours of battery life
  • Choice of exciting incentives


6 Vitalograph COPD-6

COPD SCREENERS (Standard/USB/Bluetooth)

The Vitalograph copd-6™ is an accurate and cost effective ‘case selection’ or ‘screening’ device that identifies potential cases of COPD.

Advantages of COPD-6

  • For the early detection of COPD – quickly, simply and accurately
  • Identifies those at risk of COPD at the pre-symptomatic stage
  • Screens out those who do not have COPD
  • Monitors COPD patients using their ‘number’, the obstructive index – FEV₁ as a percent of predicted
  • Displays FEV₁, FEV₆, ratio and % predicted, obstructive index, COPD classification and lung age
  • Built-in quality of blow indicator on a large, easy to read display
  • Easy to clean flowhead
  • Can be used with hygienic SafeTway mouthpieces or a BVF
  • Lung Age meter also available

Vitalograph asma-1

Electronic asthma monitors available in Child/Standard/USB/Serial/Bluetooth

The Vitalograph asma-1™ is an easy to use, yet sophisticated, electronic asthma monitor that makes the monitoring of asthma simpler and more accurate than ever before. By measuring FEV₁, as well as peak flow, the asma-1 gives a clear picture of lung health. The asma-1 stores up to 600 test sessions and automatically assesses test quality

Advantages of asma-1

  • Measures FEV₁ and PEF
  • Child version measures PEF, FEV₁, FEV₀.₅ and FEV₀.₇₅  
  • Simple to use
  • Large, easy to read display
  • No need for record cards
  • Quality of blow indicator
  • Suitable for multi-subject use with standard size SafeTway mouthpieces
  • Uses long life AAA batteries
  • Variants with communications capability available

Peak Flow Meter asma PLAN

The simple, accurate way to monitor asthma

Advantages of peak flow meter

  • Accurate
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Features comfortable integral mouthpiece
  • Easily read scale marker labels
  • Conforms to peak flow standards including EN ISO 23747:2015
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Suitable for multi-subject use with SafeTway mouthpieces

Syringes and Consumables

 Vitalograph’s wide range of respiratory consumables, which are designed to fit most respiratory devices, offer exceptional protection against cross infection, support effective spirometry and represent great value for money.

Vitalograph Precision Syringe        

  • 3-L Precision Syringe

BVF™ Bacterial/Viral Filters

Single use filters for effective filtration of bacteria, viruses and expectorated matter. Suitable for inspiratory and expiratory spirometry testing.

  • Colour: Blue (Small Mouthpiece)

             To fit spirometers from:  Most office spirometers including Vitalograph, MIR and Micro Medical

  • Colour: Translucent

To fit spirometers from: Medisoft PFT equipment and most office spirometers including Vitalograph, Cosmed, MIR, Carefusion (Micro Medical)