Spirostik Blue( Bluetooth)

The mobile Bluetooth Spirometer

The Spirostik Blue is the latest generation of spirometry device from Geratherm Respiratory offering a powerful diagnostic tool for use in all areas from Hospitals to private clinics.

                 It can also be used to aid differential diagnosis for obstructive respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD or emphysema or restrictive diseases for example interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, neuromuscular disorders.

1)High mobility

            The Spirostik Blue utilises the latest Bluetooth communication technology to communicate with any Bluetooth equipped PC running the Powerful BLUE CHERRY® respiratory Diagnostic suite software, offering greater mobility and range within the examination room or even diagnosis outside the examination room

             Blue is powered by 2 AA batteries providing a truly mobile solution for spirometry testing. The device only uses power when it is picked up for measurement, otherwise, the Spirostik Blue is in standby mode allowing low energy consumption.

           The Spirostik Blue utilises the Blueflow single patient use flow sensor offering both the patient and the user the best protection from cross-contamination

Maximum patient safety

The Spirostik Blue Bluetooth spirometry system is the latest generation of spirometer from Geratherm Respiratory:

Spirostik Blue follows the long established hygiene concept of single patient use flow sensors, now coupled with powerful Bluetooth connectivity offering greater mobility during spirometry testing.

       The measurement accuracy of the Blueflow flow sensor is fully compliant with the ATS/ERS specifications, this is maintained through close monitoring and checking during the production of the sensors.

Intelligent power management

The Spirostik Blue is supplied with two rechargeable AA batteries and a charger. The system is equipped with a LED indicator in the handle showing the operating status: blue – connecting; green – ready; yellow: low battery; red – empty battery. The Spirostik Blue is designed to be energy efficient turning off after 45 seconds of no movement it automatically turns back on when it is picked up for measurement. This efficient design allows to be used continuously throughout the day.

 Battery operation together with wireless (Bluetooth) data transfer and the power of the BLUE CHERRY® pulmonary function diagnostic platform make the Spirostik Blue an excellent choice in any environment:

 The freedom of movement allows tests to be performed simply in multiple examination rooms or even on wards with the use of a laptop or tablet. Once the Spirostik Blue and the PC are paired via Bluetooth, the device connects automatically within seconds, providing stable and reliable results directly into the BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic platform.