Spirostik Complete (Portable Desktop Spirometer)

The Latest Desktop Spirometer

The Spirostik Complete is a portable spirometer that offers maximum patient safety and extreme flexibility:

Spirostik Complete can be used as a compact and handy stand-alone spirometer that can be brought straight to the patient. The measurement data can be directly processed and output via the integrated PC with touch screen and printer.

The Spirostik Complete is equipped with several interfaces (USB 3.0, Bluetooth, WLAN, HDMI) and as such can be used as a fully-featured device in any treatment room or as a part of an existing network environment.

BLUE CHERRY®, the state-of-the-art software platform for cardio-pulmonary function diagnostics, runs on a Real-Windows-10-System, which also enables the implementation of additional software, such as administration software for patient data.

Maximum patient safety

Spirostik Complete uses the spiraflow single use flow sensors and noseclip preventing cross-contamination and maximising patient safety. The small and lightweight design of the spiraflow flow sensor helps to improve patient compliance during tests, whilst ensuring reliable measurements and consistent results.

Flexible range of application

Spirostik Complete is easy and convenient to transport. Packed in a transport case keeping everything safe and tidy, it can be taken directly to the patient and used at any site. The Spirostik Complete can act as a completely stand-alone device and the optional battery means it can be used at any location without an external power source.

The Spirostik Complete can also form part of a clinical setting and be completely integrated into an existing network environment utilising its on board WLAN interface. Network integration allows the Spirostik Complete to retrieve patient data from a central database and allows performed tests to be reviewed on other workstations.

 Real Windows 10 64-Bit system

The powerful BLUE CHERRY® Software, which runs on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform powers the Spirostik Complete. This Real Windows 10 System allows the installation of additional programs, for user convenience.

Spirostik Complete encompasses a complete PC-system with touch screen and printer but without a tangled mess of cables to external devices such as keyboard and mouse. Text input can be performed easily via the 10 inch touch screen. Measured values and graphical reports can be output via the integrated thermal printer. Alternatively several interfaces enable connection to a powerful workflow management system as well as additional input and output devices.